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Nov 5, 2019

I am the CEO and founder of Fit Check Group and the Northern Ontario Commercial Account Manager for Spartan Fitness, both companies specializing in commercial fitness equipment. 

Over the past 15 months, our company has seen some amazing growth and it was back in April that we decided to go on the hunt to find someone to take care of our books.  

We were looking for someone with integrity, honesty, great communication skills, an easy smile, someone we felt comfortable with, and of course someone with the same kind of vision we have, one that is all about the customer experience. After interviewing eight possible candidates over a period of two weeks, it was very clear who the front runner was, Beancounters. 

Wendi brings the whole package to the table. She’s friendly, easy to approach, patient, professional, driven, honest even when it hurts, always has our back and comes with experience that not too many individuals can match up to. My work takes me out on the road a lot, so time in the office has been inconsistent. Nonetheless, Wendi is ensuring we are legit, up-to-date and on the right track. Wendi is also a very good teacher, providing us with learning bits to help us understand why things are done the way they are.

If your goal is to run your business worry free, with the confidence that the backbone of the business is taken care of by the very best, I highly recommend hiring Beancounters. 

Should you require more information, please feel free to contact me anytime and I’ll be more than happy to assist in any way I can. 


Rene Brochu 

CEO Fit Check Group

Mobile: 705-494-5333



Beancounter Bookkeeping came on board when we were in need of a bookkeeper asap.  She took the reins and jumped right in to right the ship. She has proposed ideas and processes that will not only streamline our current processes but provide this owner with the job costing I seriously require in order to make sound business decisions. She has pointed out anomalies and inconsistencies that going forward we trust her with these tasks. She is helping to take our company from a mess  to a company that can grow and prosper. It is a slow process, but we look to Beancounter Bookkeeping for guidance and support. She is trustworthy, skilled and competent.  These are qualities that every company needs.

Her initiative is very much appreciated by this business owner.  We look to her for answers and she provides. She has been with both of my companies: Bort’s Heating Services and Pro-Sol Energy since July of 2019.  She came highly recommended by a competitor.  We look forward to many years of prospering under the tutelage of Beancounter’s Bookkeeping Services financial guidance.  With not only bringing both of my companies into the current times, but gently guiding us there.

She has many years of experience working for a variety of different of companies, which is evident in her ability to complete a variety of services for us in impeccable quality. She is highly ambitious and always looking to expand her knowledge in the newest technologies and educate herself in updated accounting practices.  She has the gift of multitasking and always astounds us with her ability to balance work and home life, as well as enroll herself in several educative courses…all at the same time!

Yours truly,

Dan Champagne

President, Borts Heating Services and Pro-Sol Energy Systems


My company  has been a customer of Beancounter Bookkeeping Services for almost 8 years and  we are so happy with level of professional service that we receive.  They get the job done and on time.  This company takes the pressure off me so that I can get out there and do my job without worrying about the books as I know that they are in very capable hands.  What a burden this takes off me.  I have told Beancounter many times over the years that I wouldn't still be in business if it wasn't for them.   They are fabulous to work with as they really know their business.

Four Star Crane (2014)


Thanks to Beancounter Bookkeeping my company is in the black again instead of in the red.  This company is outstanding to work with.



I have wanted to start a triathlon coaching business for several years but was always unsure of how to financially document the business to allow me to maximize profits and minimize taxes. Thankfully Beancounter Bookkeeping showed me the way 3 years ago. I am now a long term client. Thank you Beancounter.

PSP Multisport


Nov 6, 2019

I have always been pleased with Wendi’s dedication and understanding of the company’s finances and her commitment to complete the daily tasks entrusted to her. Wendi has been a definite asset to our team over the years. 

I am the President of Four Star Steel Erectors Ltd in Sudbury and Wendi joined our team in a financial capacity in 1999.  Through the years she has implemented many processes in order to streamline current procedures.  I leave a large part of the financial aspects of the company to her as I know I leave it in good hands. She always responds to my questions quickly and thoroughly.  As I am often away on business, I know I can count on her to step in and manage various challenges when I am unavailable.  I am continuously impressed with what she brings to the table.  Wendi has always strived to make any financial information that I require accessible, in multiple electronic capacities so I can successfully complete tasks while away. She makes time for me when I have questions and is always a pleasure to deal with.

When Challenges arise, Wendi will promptly investigate the issue and make corrections to her task or recommend solution to our various clients. She is a perfectionist and is not satisfied with moderate performance. She is thorough, accurate, and astute.

I am confident that Wendi’s capabilities hard work and dedication extend to her other clients as well. I definitely value Wendi. She carries a strong recommendation from Four Star Steel Erectors limited. Your firm would be well-served with her as part of the team.

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at (705)691-7231.


Ben Wierzbicki

President, Four Star Steel Erectors Limited


Beancounter has provided our business with outstanding services. Wendi ensures that your bookkeeping is done effectively and efficiently. Wendi also makes sure that you understand the premise behind the services which she is providing. I would highly recommend Beancounter to everyone. Thank you for making the bookkeeping process stress-free. 

Nauss Plumbing & Heating


Wendi is an incredible bookkeeper. She is extremely thorough and geared to customer satisfaction. She goes above and beyond and exceeds all expectations. We are so happy we found her!

Gillian Groves


Beancounter Bookkeeping Services is more than a five star.  Wendi is incredibly organized and efficient.  She has anticipated our needs along the way.  She has been knowledgeable and thorough with our books and keeps everything on time!  They have been taking care of our small business bookkeeping needs since August 2018.  Wendi Taylor has been a pleasure to work with, her attention to detail is evident on a daily basis.  Her communication and ability to deal with people in a professional manner is above standard.  She is helpful and approachable with all Bookkeeping matters.

I highly recommend Beancounters Bookkeeping Services as they are well suited to meet the needs of Businesses today.  

Kacey Tellier

Telmac Plumbing Sudbury


Beancounter has been an asset to have on my side, Wendi is amazing at keeping my business organized with her natural gift for details and constant thoroughness. Wendi is a pleasure to work with and she is always there when I need advice. I would give Beancounter 10 stars but thats not an option so she gets a solid 5. Thank you to Wendi and her fantastic, personable service.

Jeff's Plumbing


Once in awhile you find exactly what you are looking for... and my company did just that.  We found Beancounter Bookkeeping Services. With decades of experience we knew we were in good hands.  Many years later, our business is prospering.  Thank you Wendi & Michael for your attention to detail and helping to keep our business growing.

LGM Contracting


Wendi is the bookkeeper for my business, Canheal Products.  I am taking over a transport trucking company and will be turning to Wendi to do the bookkeeping for this company as well.

Wendi is extremely precise in her calculations and always takes the time ensure the accuracy of the financial data. She always conducts herself in a very professional manner and takes great pride in her work.

Wendi’s contributions were large part of getting my books up to date and ready to submit to my accountant.  Wendi is also very capable when it came to special projects with very precise deadlines. In the line of duty, Wendi has never let me down, which is why I strongly recommend her and her company to anyone looking for a reliable and professional bookkeeper.


Amir Bivadi