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Documents needed for monthly bookkeeping & bookkeeping start-up

€ All Customer invoices (or amounts that were billed out)

€ All supplier receipts for materials, office supplies, internet etc.

€ All payables (or amounts paid out to Vendors)

€ All bank statements with cancelled cheques (if business account)

€ Access to online business banking (log-in credentials) upon agreement

€ All credit card statements pertaining to the business

€ Investment statements

€ Access to online credit card transactions (log-in credentials)

€ Log-in credentials to accounting software

€ All vehicle receipts (repairs & maintenance, lease payments, fuel etc.)

€ Any paperwork pertaining to new equipment purchases (over $500)

€ Any payments made out to subcontractor (if applicable)

€ Financial statements from previous year-end from your Accountant (if applicable)

€ Employee year-to-date information (if applicable)

€ Physical inventory count (if applicable)

€ Copies of lease, rental, loan, mortgage agreements

€  A listing of all pre-authorized direct deposits and withdrawals on your bank and credit card statements

€ All government correspondence and tax forms including HST reports filed with CRA this year, notice of assessments, tax instalments, WSIB, EHT, FRO.

€ Payroll information and reports including new employee information, payroll reports, PD7As, T4s and T4 summary

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